Geography and sector focus:
Our philosophy is “Do one thing and do it well”. We have selected the geography and sector we feel is most attractive and best leverages the Founding Partners’ established network, operating expertise, and track records.

Medium-sized business with strong brand presence:
Middle market businesses often desire the requisite resources to scale up. This provides an opening for Cortina Capital to implement its value creation propositions. Brand equity is a crucial aspect of our investment as it allows a company to enter export markets more effectively, by leveraging customer loyalty and word of mouth.

Open new markets to bring the business to the next level:
Cortina Capital serves as a strategic partner helping brand owners reach Asian consumers, especially in China. We have the relationships, knowledge, and deal-making skill set to activate various export channels and help brand owners navigate market entry and expansion.

Partnership-oriented investment focused on value creation:
With a meaningful stake in the portfolio company, Cortina Capital is well-aligned to provide operational value and a strategic decision-making framework to assist in driving initiatives that create value for long-term success. We are motivated to prioritize the business’ strategic growth and to commit resources to help portfolio companies.

Collaborate hand in hand with the management team: 
We seek to work with existing management teams to continuously enhance and accelerate the implementation of the business strategy. The Founding Partners are committed to spend time to fully understand the business and needs of investee companies. We align shareholders’ interests with those of the executive management team to maximize the prospects of executing the business strategy and value of the business.